Study Reveals Majority of Americans are Concerned About the Health Impact of the Beverages They Consume

Study Reveals Majority of Americans are Concerned About the Health Impact of the Beverages They Consume


Dec 06, 2010

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Atlanta, GA. (December 6, 2010) – A recent BeveragePulse.com study by Concept Catalysts and iModerate Research Technologies, found that 60% of Americans are concerned about the negative health impact of the beverages they drink and the majority of them will be drinking healthier beverages in the next 12 months. The study also shows that health concerns are the primary driver of recent changes in what consumers buy and drink and will remain the main driver of change for some time to come. Currently, 74% of Americans do not think that beverage companies are concerned about their health.

The BeveragePulse.com report “Health Concerns: The impact on beverage markets” contains these and many other findings such as:

  • Peoples’ perceptions of what makes a beverage more “healthy”
  • The main drivers of beverage choice when it comes to taste, brand, cost, and healthiness
  • A ranking of beverages by perceived healthiness
  • The specific beverages that people say they will drink more of and less of in the coming 12 months and how they will cut back

The research utilized a mixed methods approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods to explore what drives consumers’ packaged beverage purchasers. The study sampled over 500 respondents giving a margin of error of +/-4.3 at the 95% confidence level.

Bob Falkenberg, founder of BeveragePulse.com and president of Concept Catalysts says, “Our research shows that consumers’ health concerns are having an impact on what they drink. Some categories will decline, others will grow, and there will be opportunities for new beverages that better meet consumer preferences.” Other reports for purchase address further pertinent issues for the packaged beverage industry and are published regularly.

BeveragePulse.com is the leading source for high-quality, relevant, and affordable consumer insights for the beverage packaging industry. The BeveragePulse.com syndicated reports provide the unbiased critical intelligence that many organizations are forced to go without due to the high cost of custom research. Topics include: key drivers of purchase and consumption, package preferences, future trends, and the impact of hot button issues like obesity, environmental concerns, and the economy on the industry. New surveys and reports are available for purchase on a regular basis. Reports are a collaboration between Concept Catalysts, Inc. and iModerate Research Technologies.

Media Contact:
Bob Falkenberg

Our research work with iModerate over the past several years has developed into a true partnership. Their unique fusion of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in a single study has offered new insights into key topics and markets of interest for our organization, which in turn, we are able to quickly turn into action steps. They are flexible, responsive, and extremely engaged in the entire project process, from conception and design to final data processing and delivery. They have even gone above and beyond by volunteering their time, resources, and expertise to assist with a special target market project on women. iModerate has their finger on the pulse of the research industry and consistently provides creative suggestions and solutions to enhance our current work. This ultimately allows us to provide our leadership with the strategic insights and opportunities that helps us to advance the common good.

Kristin Thomsen, Manager, Market Research, United Way Worldwide